Platform Supervisor
macOS 10.13.4 3.3.4
Raspbian 4.14 3.3.1


Supervisor 是 Linux/UNIX 下的一个由 Python 编写的进程管理工具,可以很方便的用来启动、重启、关闭进程。




  • 使用 HomeBrew 安装

    brew install supervisor

Raspbian (Linux)

sudo apt-get install supervisor


  • 安装完成后,可以在查看该默认配置,但并非所有配置项均必须定义,可根据自己需要进行配置
  • macOS

    ; macOS - /etc/supervisord.conf
    http_port=/var/tmp/supervisor.sock ; (default is to run a UNIX domain socket server)
    ;http_port=  ; (alternately, ip_address:port specifies AF_INET)
    ;sockchmod=0700              ; AF_UNIX socketmode (AF_INET ignore, default 0700)
    ;sockchown=nobody.nogroup     ; AF_UNIX socket uid.gid owner (AF_INET ignores)
    ;umask=022                   ; (process file creation umask;default 022)
    logfile=/var/log/supervisor/supervisord.log ; (main log file;default $CWD/supervisord.log)
    logfile_maxbytes=50MB       ; (max main logfile bytes b4 rotation;default 50MB)
    logfile_backups=10          ; (num of main logfile rotation backups;default 10)
    loglevel=info               ; (logging level;default info; others: debug,warn)
    pidfile=/var/run/ ; (supervisord pidfile;default
    nodaemon=false              ; (start in foreground if true;default false)
    minfds=1024                 ; (min. avail startup file descriptors;default 1024)
    minprocs=200                ; (min. avail process descriptors;default 200)
    ;nocleanup=true              ; (don't clean up tempfiles at start;default false)
    ;http_username=user          ; (default is no username (open system))
    ;http_password=123           ; (default is no password (open system))
    ;childlogdir=/tmp            ; ('AUTO' child log dir, default $TEMP)
    ;user=chrism                 ; (default is current user, required if root)
    ;directory=/tmp              ; (default is not to cd during start)
    ;environment=KEY=value       ; (key value pairs to add to environment)
    serverurl=unix:///var/tmp/supervisor.sock ; use a unix:// URL  for a unix socket
    ;serverurl= ; use an http:// url to specify an inet socket
    ;username=chris              ; should be same as http_username if set
    ;password=123                ; should be same as http_password if set
    ;prompt=mysupervisor         ; cmd line prompt (default "supervisor")
    ; The below sample program section shows all possible program subsection values,
    ; create one or more 'real' program: sections to be able to control them under
    ; supervisor.
    ;command=/bin/cat            ; the program (relative uses PATH, can take args)
    ;priority=999                ; the relative start priority (default 999)
    ;autostart=true              ; start at supervisord start (default: true)
    ;autorestart=true            ; retstart at unexpected quit (default: true)
    ;startsecs=10                ; number of secs prog must stay running (def. 10)
    ;startretries=3              ; max # of serial start failures (default 3)
    ;exitcodes=0,2               ; 'expected' exit codes for process (default 0,2)
    ;stopsignal=QUIT             ; signal used to kill process (default TERM)
    ;stopwaitsecs=10             ; max num secs to wait before SIGKILL (default 10)
    ;user=chrism                 ; setuid to this UNIX account to run the program
    ;log_stdout=true             ; if true, log program stdout (default true)
    ;log_stderr=true             ; if true, log program stderr (def false)
    ;logfile=/var/log/cat.log    ; child log path, use NONE for none; default AUTO
    ;logfile_maxbytes=1MB        ; max # logfile bytes b4 rotation (default 50MB)
    ;logfile_backups=10          ; # of logfile backups (default 10)
  • Raspbian

    ; Raspbian - /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf
    ; supervisor config file
    file=/var/run/supervisor.sock   ; (the path to the socket file)
    chmod=0700                       ; sockef file mode (default 0700)
    logfile=/var/log/supervisor/supervisord.log ; (main log file;default $CWD/supervisord.log)
    pidfile=/var/run/ ; (supervisord pidfile;default
    childlogdir=/var/log/supervisor            ; ('AUTO' child log dir, default $TEMP)
    ; the below section must remain in the config file for RPC
    ; (supervisorctl/web interface) to work, additional interfaces may be
    ; added by defining them in separate rpcinterface: sections
    supervisor.rpcinterface_factory = supervisor.rpcinterface:make_main_rpcinterface
    serverurl=unix:///var/run/supervisor.sock ; use a unix:// URL  for a unix socket
    ; The [include] section can just contain the "files" setting.  This
    ; setting can list multiple files (separated by whitespace or
    ; newlines).  It can also contain wildcards.  The filenames are
    ; interpreted as relative to this file.  Included files *cannot*
    ; include files themselves.
    files = /etc/supervisor/conf.d/*.conf
  • 针对不同程序的配置可以单独放在不同的 .ini 文件中

  • PROGRAM_NAME 替换为该文件命名,COMMAND 替换为需要保持运行的命令,注意可执行文件的路径,其他配置这里仅做演示,可根据上表自行配置

    ; PROGRAM_NAME.ini
  • .conf 文件中可以在 files 加入上述配置好的 .ini

  • INI_NAME 即上述文件名

    ; supervisord.conf
  • 运行,注意配置文件路径

    # supervisord -c ${SUPERVISOR_CONFIG_PATH}
    supervisord -c /path/to/supervisord.conf


  • 运行后可以使用 ps -A | grep PROGRAM_NAME 来获取启动的进程
  • 之后可以使用 kill 命令杀掉相应进程,在 ps -A 查看是否重启(如果设置了 Restart)


  • 如果配置有更改,需要重新启动 Supervisor,可以 ps -ef | grep supervisord 来获取运行的其进程,使用 kill 命令即可杀掉,之后再次运行 Supervisor 即可



  • Linux - systemd
  • macOS - Launchd